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Reward Points

Get 10 reward points for every dollar spent.
Redeem points for E-Rewards.
($10, $25, $50, or $100 E-Rewards)

How does E-Reward work?

1. Make any order at Skinthology.com

  • 10 points are automatically rewarded to your account for every dollar spent.
  • Earned points are automatically deducted for returned products.

2. Redeem points for E-Rewards

  • Simply log in into My Account and click on "Redeem" under "My Rewards".
  • E-Rewards are immediately emailed to you after redemption and can be used immediately towards your next purchase.

How much can I get back in E-Reward?

You can get more than 5% back!

4000 points=$10 E-Rewards
7000 points=$25 E-Rewards
12000 points=$50 E-Rewards
19500 points=$100 E-Rewards

How many E-Rewards can I redeem?

There are absolutely NO LIMITS on the number of E-Reward redemption. The more you buy, the more you earn!

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